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Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve三偏心法兰蝶阀

Design Features
Triple offset design eliminates abrasion of sealing joint faces and maintain complete sealing and longer service life.
Patented elastic metal sealing ring produces uniform compression when valve disc contacts with sealing ring to achieve elastic comp-ensation and high-performance bi-directional sealing.
Wide-angle valve seat design eliminates abrasion and deformation round-edge sealing profile design for valve disc ensures maximum flow and corresponding percentage control.
Solid valve shaft provides stable support for valve disc.
Adjustable flange gland seal packing prevent against uneven distribution of seal packing, and packing is TFE (450°F) and graphite (900°F).
Valve seat is hardened alloy that can endure severe environment, and disc sealing face is with high temperature and abrasion resistance even more, multi-layer elastic sealing can subject to 528℃ high- temperature sealing.
Elastic sealing conforms to API598 elastic seating liquid and gas zero-leakage sealing standard to ensure air-tight sealing.
Low-cost maintenance, self-centering disc design adjusts temperature and heat circulation to make disc not too tight; and loading protective ring protects hard matters from contacting with the surface subjected to load.
Detonation-proof valve shaft design conforms to API609 standard to enhance safety of operators.

Technical Data

Standard valve standard conforms to ISO5752 / BS5155 / BS EN593
Face-to-face dimension conforms to BS EN558-1 Series 13 & 14.
Be suitable for flange BS EN1092.
Lever / Worm gear / Electric operator.

Pressure temperature ratings:
Working pressure:10/16/25/40/64 bar
Testing pressure: 15/24/37.5/60/96 bar for shell
11/17.6/27.5/ 44/ 70.4 bar for seal
Applicable temperature: -29℃~450℃
Applicable size: DN50~DN4000


Parts Materials
Body Ductile iron, carbon steel, stainless steel,Alloy
Disc Nickel ductile iron / Al bronze / Stainless steel/Alloy
Seat Carbon steel / Stainless steel / Brass
Stem Stainless steel / Carbon steel
Bushing PTFE
“O” ring PTFE
Worm gearbox Cast iron / Ductile iron